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Honestly one direction is literally my favorite band of the entire world. I have all of their songs all their albums all my walls are filled of posters of them and I just love them so much. I follow all the boys on Twitter and not being a stocker but basically I know where they are at every single moment. I always get my hands on their new singles when they are released and I am always all-knowing when it comes to their romance lives haha Basically, these boys have saved my life. The music is amazing and they are just great people I love them so much!!!  #HarperCollinsOneDirection+direction+book&tag=smarturl-gb-21 http://bouncin.it/uLTiB

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Top from forever 21 Ig: awk0emily

a few of the many unnecessarily excessive phone cases that i have.
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claire and gianna have swaggy shirts and ft. olivia photo bombing


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im lonely :( looking for a tumblr gf any takers? ♡